Extremely affordable prices

Do you have data annotation needs? We are focused on cognitive data annotation and our specialties are among other things:

Image Categorization €0.01 per image per label
Video Annotation €0.01 per second per label
Semantic Segmentation €0.04 per image per label
Text Classification €0.01 per sentence per label
Audio & Speech €0.01 per second per label
Sentiment Analysis €0.01 per sentence per label

Please contact us for more information on our new revolutionary process of data labeling.

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Versatile and inexpensive

We can annotate a multitude of different cognitive data, but also do surveys, translations and more. Our geographic reach makes us your ideal partner to data label text also for smaller languages.

Thanks to our methodology we can also perform more involved data annotation such as e.g. particle recognition.

We have performed data labeling tasks such as item recognition in images and look forward to hearing from you how we can assist you in solving your data labeling needs.

* Some restrictions apply. If your data requires expert knowledge (like classifying medical imagery) or is subject to strict privacy requirements (like banking data), MicroTasks may not be right for you.

  • Thomas Forss

    Chief Excecutive Officer

    PhD machine learning and analytics

  • Nicklas Forss

    Chief Technical Officer

    MSc. Engineering, cloud and devops expert

  • Andreas von Koskull

    Chief Marketing Officer

    MSc. Marketing

  • Armin Hummel

    Director of business development

    MBA International management