We revolutionize the AI data labeling market by leveraging a new form of crowdsourcing, which significantly reduces labeling prices.

We can help both small and large organizations get more training data quicker at a lower cost than the other labeling alternatives on the market. Using our global reach, we can provide language services, such as training data for voice recognition, also for smaller languages at an affordable price.

To offer you the best possible result we focus on 6 AI and market data verticals.

We are specialized in the following data areas


Item identification in images is a service that we can deliver in a short time frame and with high accuracy.

Image categorization is needed for e.g. autonomous drones and surveillance and security cameras.


Our crowd sourced model gives us unprecedented reach to a wide range of languages in the world.

Text labeling can improve chat bots, give new insights into sentiment analyses of e.g. your brand perception among your customers.


Our crowd sourced model enables us to offer audio recording to even the smallest language groups in the world.

Audio services can e.g. be having hundreds of users read and record sentences to improve voice recognition services.


Item marking in videos is a service that we can provide in a very short time frame with high accuracy.

Marking items in videos is need for improving autonomous drones or optimizing traffic flow.

Market data

Getting early user feedback on new products, ads or other creatives has never been easier.

You can poll your target audience to get valuable insights on customer preferences to improve campaign performance and service retention.


Please contact us for how we can assist you in any other labeling task to improve your AI products and machine-learning projects.


Thomas Forss

Founder, CEO
PhD Machine Learning and Analytics

Nicklas Forss

Founder, CTO
MSc. Engineering, Cloud and Devops Expert

Andreas von Koskull

MSc. Marketing

Armin Hummel

Director of Business Development
MBA International Management

Vladimir Vernigora

Mobile Architect
MSc. Computer Science

Janne Pasanen

Lead Designer
MSc. Computer Science

Sven Arends

Data Scientist
MSc Computer Science & Data Science

Jussi Iinatti

Lead Architecht
MSc. Computer Science

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We are looking for someone familiar with modern machine learning techniques to take the lead in our internal AI initiatives. We focus on algorithms using cognitive data (Vision and NLP). This role can develop into an AI Lead role as the team grows.

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