We are a Helsinki, Finland based AI data company and innovator of the ground-breaking MicroTasks technology used for ethical data creation and labeling.

There is a lack of supply of high-quality data for AI projects. We address this gap in the market by building a network of data creation partnerships for both computer vision and NLP segments.

We partner with app developers who funnel their users to us for them to label the collected data. Effectively we are an alternative to advertisements in apps.

While our labeling service can serve any company, big or small we also offer tailored data services for enterprise customers to support any data-related issue in the pipeline.

Our core segments

Computer vision Image & video data creation and labeling, data augmentation, data & model verification, for smart camera solutions with a focus on:

  • Industrial work safety
  • Intrusion detection
  • Fall detection

Natural language processing (NLP) Text & audio data creation and classification including:

  • EU languages
  • Ink model
  • Document indexing

With our constantly growing data labeling and creation community we can provide

Fast delivery

With a large always online pool of labelers we can offer a quick turnaround. 

High quality

Multiple levels of human and machine validation.

GDPR compliant

The core product is designed with EU privacy laws in mind.

Competitive pricing

Our innovative labeling process enables us to offer highly competitive pricing.

Turnkey data service

We minimize time you need to spend on data in AI projects. Typically, 80% of time in AI projects goes to different data activities.

Reduced risk

We minimize your data risk​ with regards to GDPR and other legislation.


Image of Thomas
Thomas Forss

Founder, CEO
PhD Machine Learning and Analytics

Image of Nicklas
Nicklas Forss

Founder, CTO
MSc. Engineering, Cloud and Devops Expert

Image of Janne
Janne Pasanen

Lead Designer
MSc. Computer Science

Image of Jussi
Jussi Iinatti

Chief Innovation Officer
MSc. Computer Science

Image of Patrick
Patrick McSteen

Head of Product Strategy

Join us

Looking to make a difference while making it big? Join our small data driven team! We pride ourselves in providing a low stress environment with a top tier compensation package.

If you could imagine yourself in any of the positions below, please do contact us.

Business Development Director

We are looking for a deal closer to build relationships with enterprise customers. You have a few years of relevant experience and are ready to operate in a (fairly structured) start-up environment.

AI Scientist / Architect

We are looking for someone familiar with modern machine learning techniques to take the lead in our internal AI initiatives. We focus on algorithms using cognitive data (Vision and NLP). This role can develop into an AI Lead role as the team grows.

Open Position

In case we do not have a specific position open that fits your profile, please send us an open application.

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