Revolutionizing Data Labeling for AI

We accelerate the AI revolution through our new ground breaking crowdsourcing process



We are a highly skilled and data driven team. Together, we have 30 years of experience in AI, game and web development, as well as 35 years of business development and marketing experience.

Our Business

Our innovative process gives unprecedented scale in data labelling and cost savings for our customers.

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StageZero is developing MicroTasks - a revolutionary new way to monetize applications, and label data at low cost.

  • Thomas Forss

    Chief Excecutive Officer

    PhD machine learning and analytics

  • Nicklas Forss

    Chief Technical Officer

    MSc. Engineering, cloud and devops expert

  • Andreas von Koskull

    Chief Marketing Officer

    MSc. Marketing

  • Vladimir Vernigora

    Senior developer

    MSc. Computer Science, Unity expert

  • Armin Hummel

    Director of business development

    MBA International management